traghetto imbersago

The Marigold B&B is situated in the heart of Brianza, not faraway from the city life of Milan and Expo 2015 but at the same time in the green Brianza of "Adda Park" and "Montevecchia Park".
Besides visiting the towns and Expo here you can find real engineering works of art and nature dating back to the sixteenth century.
From Marigold B&B you can reach the Adda river, by bicycle or with a walk, to discover Leonardo da Vinci's brilliant works.
While in Milan you can find exposed the Last Supper, here you can see some Leonardo's unknown works and studies to the most of people about the river and water dams.
The "Adda Ecomuseum of Leonardo" is a real open-air museum that begins at the Imbersago river Harbour of Leonardo's Ferry that connects Imbersago with Villa d'Adda.
The route allows you to discover the extra city canals, locks, channels that for centuries connected and watered the North countryside of Milan.
Places of amazing beauty of nature where you can also see the industrial architecture of the end of nineteenth century, Shrines and ancient Abbeys.
On the website of Adda Park you can choose between different types of paths along which you can find refreshment or equipped areas for outdoors picnics